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  • handwoven fabric
  • hand embroidered
  • 100% cotton
  • made to order
  • processing time 1 – 2 weeks
  • Measurement required

This Ethiopian traditional clothes new style is a true example of modern Ethiopian dresses. Exclusively from our beautiful Ethiopian clothing store, created keeping design elements of the Ethiopian/Eritrean Habesha dress, this brand new design is sure to steal your heart away.You could choose to buy this for yourself or even gift it to your loved one and watch them gasp with surprise and pleasure! What makes the dress brilliantly attractive is the golden embroidery around the neck and front accented with yellow and brown - also represented on the border and on the arms as a rather broad finish. What catches the eye in this dress is the symmetry and the silhouette it creates. The white base makes it eminently suitable for absolutely all kinds of occasions ranging from traditional ones to outings with friends and family to parties and more. A short dress, this is an absolute must have for its sheer versatility and great design.