Chora Ethiopian Dress

Size Guide
Looking for authentic Ethiopian traditional dress that celebrates the vibrant culture of Ethiopia? Look no further than Our collections include a wide variety of traditional attire, from Habesha dresses to Kemis and more. We use high-quality fabrics and intricate designs to bring you a one-of-a-kind wardrobe that is both stylish and culturally rich.
  • Handwoven by traditional weavers 
  • 1000% menen/ cotton
  • Including big size netela/shawl
  • Processing time 4-5 weeks
  • Express worldwide delivery by DHL

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Women's Size Guide

To make sure correct measurements we recommend having a professional seamstress
measure you. If you do not get a professional seamstress to take your measurements you
must follow these guides to ensure proper fit.

Please note: the way to measure for a dress has nothing to do with the size of your
jeans or the waist size or where they hang from!
ethiopian clothing measuring guide

Men's Size Guide

This is a guide with simple instructions on how to take suit measurements (plus a few
general details) that any tailor will need to make a bespoke suit.

What you will need:

    • A fabric measuring tape (we take all our measurements in inches).
    • Assistance from a friend (the measurer)
    • A well-fitting shirt, a pair of trousers (not jeans), jacket, and a pair of shoes.